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With over 20 years of experience in  building technical solutions for the insurance industry, these best in breed people boast a reputed history with a proven track record of results.

Harry Kable
Director - Technology

Harry has 19 years experience in freelance consulting services in  information technology disciplines especially in the creation of enterprise grade software solutions for the insurance industry. 


Harry has 30 years experience in the creation and supervision of major civil engineering and building contracts for electricity generation enterprises and main roads government branches. 


Harry holds a BE (Civil) from James Cook University and BITC (with Distinction) from the University of Southern Queensland.

Anton Royce
Director - Strategy 
& Sales

Niro Royce
Project Manager

Swarna Rallabandi
Manager - Development

Anton is a global business leader focused on innovative, strategy, technology with more than 25 years of experience in creating  new value and impact on technology.

Anton is founder  of few start-ups. Anton  was CTO at Telstra, Consultant at Deloitte, Chief Architect at Telstra  across several verticals and built over 1 billion worth of new solution.

Anton has worked in leadership roles in NZ and Asia. 

Anton holds a Master's Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of Auckland

Niro is a people-person who enjoys solving business problems. She successfully built a boutique business from ground up which served a niche market that she identified.


Niro has worked across several IT Business Transformation and Infrastructure projects in government and corporate sectors. She has worked for Telstra, NSW- DoE,  the NZ International Convention Center - Skycity (NZ), Sydney Water NSW,  DSEWPaC.


Niro holds a Post GradDip in Business from the University of Auckland. Auckland.

Swarna has  more than 4 years of experience in enterprise software development using agile methodologies. 


Have experience in Insurance and  research institute domains. Possess excellent business communication skills.Swarna was analyst programmer at agriculture business research institute- Armidale.  Programming Languages: PHP, C/C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP.Net, C# & Python. 

Database: MSSQL, MYSQL & PostgreSQL


Swarna holds a Masters degree in Information Technology from University of New England.